SmartLOCKER model for Office – Smart Office will be an optimal solution that both users and operation managers want to target. SmartLOCKER will bring modernity, convenience, safety and trust in the way users experience the service, and is a tool to help the delivery of mail, parcels, as well as with the outside, go smoothly. and more flexible.

In-house & internal deliveries

Delivery & parcel forwarding

Technology for modern offices

How to use Smart Lockers

General Workflow (Sample)

Features of Smart Lockers

Online database management

1. Real-time monitoring

  • Check real-time usage and user information
  • Access to online database

2. Online audit trail and lock information check

  • Check specific user’s history and activities
  • Check usage and information on specific lockers
    • ID Numbers
    • Time
    • etc

3. Remote maintenance

  • Change locker settings (ID Number, Time, etc)
  • Update or change access device information on specific lockers

Wireless Locker Access & Control

1. Wireless locker connection

  • Users can unlock lockers from a kiosk up to a distance of 46 meters
  • Kiosk/terminals can be connected to an infinite number of lockers

2. Blocking and granting access privilege

3. Multiple lockers operation

4. Variety of access methods

Integration Capabilities

1. Ability to integration with both hardware and software

2. User interface

  • Kiosk interface
  • Dashboard interface

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