Smart Locker
Tủ locker thông minh đặt tại công viên nước Kuching

Theme Parks are a great source of enjoyment for all ages. They represent a time of fun and relaxation for both families and friends. Locker & Lock Smart Locker series for theme parks bring a sense of modernity, convenience as well as security for users. We are proud to have collaborated with various clients across Asia and are eager to provide our expertise and services to help you to become a modern theme park in Vietnam.

Integrated technology for a seamless experience

With our smart Locker System, we can integrate with a wide variety of facilities such as recreation areas, rest areas, washrooms, as well as locker access. 

Hassle-free access

By using a wearable device, patrons and users need not carry an additional key or remember long passcodes to unlock their lockers. This provides a peace of minds to users and they can focus on enjoying their theme park experience.

Simple & convenient operation

Employees can simply issue 1 wristband upon entry of theme park to each patron and individuals or groups can then select their own lockers according to their own needs.

How to use Smart Lockers

General Workflow (Sample)

Features of Smart Lockers

Smart Lockers provide managers with additional features that are superior to conventional lockers. Now you can control, manage and operate the Locker system remotely.

Online Database Management

1. Real-time monitoring

  • Check real-time usage and user information
  • Access to online database

2. Online audit trail and lock information check

  • Check specific user’s history and activities
  • Check usage and information on specific lockers
    • ID Numbers
    • Time
    • etc

3. Remote maintenance

  • Change locker settings (ID Number, Time, etc)
  • Update or change access device information on specific lockers

Wireless Locker Access & Control

1. Wireless locker connection

  • Users can unlock lockers from a kiosk up to a distance of 46 meters
  • Kiosk/terminals can be connected to an infinite number of lockers

2. Blocking and granting access privilege 

3. Multiple locker operation

4. Variety of access modes

Integration Capabilities

1. Ability to integrate with both hardware and software

2. User interface

  • Kiosk interface

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